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4 Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

In the 21st century, time management is a top concern for almost everyone, but for entrepreneurs in particular. Business owners are the ones responsible for the company’s operations, and it’s important for them to allocate time and other resources appropriately. Effective time management isn’t just about working harder, but working smarter. Below, business owners can get some valuable time management tips.

Delegate Authority and Set Priorities

Time management is mostly about planning, and business owners should set priorities and schedule accordingly. If something isn’t time-sensitive, it needs to be worked in among more important matters, or it needs to be put at the bottom of the to-do list. Delegating tasks is important when it comes to managing time, resources and energy. Business owners should enlist the help of services and team members who can handle tasks such as billing, customer service and other routine parts of the day.

Handle Important


In India, most of the people violate the basic traffic rules and regulations just as a matter of habit. Over speeding and racing are the common causes of road accidents in India. Number of teenage traffic offenders are increasing. Most of us are not very headstrong about obeying the road safety and traffic rules. Many youths carry the mind-set of ‘accidents do not happen to me’. But, it’s time to change the attitude now! Steep hike in the penalty for violating the traffic rules and regulations is here to bring a change!

Motor Vehicle (amendment) bill 2016 has now been passed in Lok Sabha in order to make Indian roads safer. As per propositions in the bill, sections under Motor Vehicle Act pertaining to traffic rules and traffic violations are amended with higher penalties. Public cannot imagine the penalty for violating some basic traffic rules and road safety measures like, …