Becoming a part of the elite trader community

Investors face a lot of difficulties during their trades. Every professional Forex trader always recommends that newbies follow a guide to making progress in their trading career. Before they start trading, they should develop a trading plan and follow it. Many businessmen use tools and indicators to analyze the market and the price. An ideal way to improve the trading strategy is to develop your process to make decisions.

Top-down process

This process begins by observing the basics of the markets, as well as the currency pairs. An investor has to start with a higher timeframe and gradually move to a lower one. Eventually, they should concentrate on the higher timeframe on a daily basis. Depending on the volatility and the market condition, investors may enter either into the 4-hour or 1-hour trading chart. By progressing with this procedure, you can observe a wider view with minimum resistance. Elite investors in Mena region also encourage rookie traders to learn from the top traders at Saxo. To find more info you can visit their website.

Identify the trend and the market conditions

A trader can label the movement of the trend as lower, higher, or ranging. There are several paths in which the FX investors can identify the movements of the price. However, anybody can determine the approach by simply looking at the swing-lows or the swing-highs. The uptrend can be marked by a complete series of higher-lows and higher-highs. In contrast, the downtrend is marked with some lower-highs and lower-lows. …