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Step Guide on How to Refill a Toner Today printing has gone a little technical with the advancement in the technological world. This has mainly been because of the introduction of laser printer toner. You should always refill your toner when your printing starts to fail. You might tend to think that your cartridge is worn out but it is your toner that is out. The cartridge is always made in such a way that it will take some years before it wears out. The secret to make your cartridge last longer is when you are supposed to know that you are supposed to add your toner. This will help to extend its life. The reason for this is because each and every cartridge is made to work with a specific chemical type toner, gain size and weight. These are the specifics that can only work with and cannot work with anything less or more than the provided. Knowing how to add the toner is another thing you have to know. That is why you need a step guide on how to refill your ink toner. They are the following. With your toner at hand, you will first of all need to locate or make the fill hole. Each and every cartridge has got a holding tank which holds the toner powder. Some cartridges do have refill holes while others do not. After purchasing the refill kit you will get an instruction guide on how to do it. If there is no hole, they you will have to create on that side which has got some instructions on how to. You should not do this anywhere because you might end up destroying it. The hole is always supposed to be created on either ends and not in the middle, most of the times it should face up. Toner usually come with a specific cartridge that it can work with. This is where the second step will be required. You will now need to pour the toner. Make sure that it is the correct one and also read the instructions too before pouring it. Counter check and see if the toner is still good or if it has expired. In the toner kit, there is a funnel that you have to fit in the toner cup when you are pouring so that you do not spill the toner powder.
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The last and third step is to release the fill hole. You have to return the cup that covers the hole if your cartridge has a hole. Cartridge refill kits where you have burn a fill hole comes with a specific aluminum plate for that particular job. You will use the tape to cover the hole. You will then gently shake the cartridge to evenly distribute the toner. You can now reinsert it to your printer and continue printing.Finding Similarities Between Options and Life