In India, most of the people violate the basic traffic rules and regulations just as a matter of habit. Over speeding and racing are the common causes of road accidents in India. Number of teenage traffic offenders are increasing. Most of us are not very headstrong about obeying the road safety and traffic rules. Many youths carry the mind-set of ‘accidents do not happen to me’. But, it’s time to change the attitude now! Steep hike in the penalty for violating the traffic rules and regulations is here to bring a change!

Motor Vehicle (amendment) bill 2016 has now been passed in Lok Sabha in order to make Indian roads safer. As per propositions in the bill, sections under Motor Vehicle Act pertaining to traffic rules and traffic violations are amended with higher penalties. Public cannot imagine the penalty for violating some basic traffic rules and road safety measures like, not carrying driving license, not wearing helmet and driving without insurance, etc.

Here are the hiked penalties for traffic violations:

  • Under the provisions of Section 177 (amended), general provisions of punishment of offences have now increased to the minimum of Rs. 500 from the current fine of Rs. 100. A new section 177A, is inserted for penalising the traffic violators for violating road regulations and rules. Penalty for the same is not less than Rs. 500.
  • Drunken driving is an acute problem in India. Government’s step to curb this problem with the hefty penalty is appreciable. If someone is held guilty for driving under the influence of alcohol will now be slapped with the whopping penalty of Rs. 10,000 which is 5 times more than the current fine which is Rs. 2000. Strict enforcements will hopefully help our government to fight the menace of drunken driving!
  • Penalty for driving without a valid driving license is now increased to Rs. 5,000 from the current Rs. 500.
  • Allowing a person to drive your vehicle without a valid driving license can attract a huge penalty of Rs. 5,000 now.
  • Over speeding, rash driving and dangerous driving are the major reasons for road accidents in India. Curbing this problem could bring down the rising rate of road fatalities. Previously penalty was only Rs. 400 such offenses. Violators of such traffic rules will now be penalised with the hefty fine of Rs. 5,000.
  • As per law, vehicle needs to compulsorily register to drive on a public road. To make this law even stricter, government has now hiked the penalty for riding the unregistered vehicle to Rs. 10,000.
  • Penalty for not wearing a seat belt is 10 times more now! One needs to bear a fine of Rs. 1,000 for not following such road safety measures. Likewise, ensure to wear helmet to avoid the penalty Rs. 1,000 and disqualification of your driving license.
  • Driving without insurance can now attract a penalty of Rs. 2,000.
  • One will have to bear the fine of Rs. 2,000 for refusing and disobeying the orders of authority
  • One cannot afford to drive even after disqualification! Penalty for driving despite disqualification is now 20 times more! Penalty is hiked from Rs. 500 to Rs. 10,000
  • 2,000 along with disqualification of license for months is the penalty for overloading of two-wheeler.
  • With the introduction of a new section, parents or guardians of minors need to more careful and strict. Penalty and the punishment for parents or guardians of juvenile offenders are really huge. Parents/guardians will be held responsible for the act of juvenile. They need to bear the fine of Rs. 25,000 and 3 years of imprisonment for letting their minor child to drive. Registration of the vehicle will also get cancelled.
  • Not following some of the basic traffic rules and traffic violations like talking over the phone over driving, jumping the traffic lights, riding against the flow of traffic can now attract a penalty of Rs. 5,000 for the first offence. Recurrence of such violations can increase the penalty twofold.
  • Now, not making a way for ambulances can leave you with a penalty of Rs. 10,000.

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Hopefully, stricter traffic rules and enforcements can bring in some change and reduce the alarming rate of road accidents.

Stick to traffic rules or be ready to pay the hefty fines!