Electronic Cigarette Merchants Diversity Payment Processes

As demand for e-cigarettes steadily increases, the opportunity for profit is undeniable. Despite this popularity, e-cigarette merchants still have a hard time acquiring funding from traditional lenders. This is because the electronic cigarettes industry is new and considered a risky investment by most lenders. There are a variety of things that make a business high risk, including newness and high instances of chargebacks, fraud or the possibility of a health risk. Thus far, chargeback rates for e-cigs are relatively low but studies on the health effects are inconclusive or still pending. This uncertainty is one variable that makes lenders leery of investing in electronic cigarettes. To keep growing, e-cig merchants must work within a market that supports startups and high risk industries.

In addition, the lack of clarity in terms of regulation is also a reason that merchants have a hard time acquiring funding. As a result, high risk merchants have elected to diversify their payment processing. There are a few ways that these businesses can acquire funding and payment processing. Reliable payment processing is extremely important in developing and growing e-cig businesses. Domestic accounts are the best solution for high risk merchants because of fast settlement times and high card approval rates.

Some domestic acquiring banks are starting to do business with e-cigarette merchant accounts. In addition to creating a domestic account, many e-cig merchants consider adding international merchant accounts to their processing mix. Diversification of payment processing is just a prudent strategy for electronic cigarette merchants. The combination of domestic and international merchant accounts is the best way to protect e-cig businesses from the uncertainty of regulations and financing.

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