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To Refill or Not To Refill Ink Cartridges

Many ink refilling stations has popped up from nowhere like mushrooms over the past several years. Instead of purchasing a new cartridges, these ink refilling shops simply refill your existing empty cartridges. Do it yourself refills are also made available at ink refilling stations.

The idea of refilling an empty cartridge rather than replacing it has caught the attention of many. Original cartridges cost more than having to refill an ink cartridge. Can anything go wrong in doing ink refills?

Why do people get their ink cartridges refilled anyway? It is cheaper to get ink refills than replacement cartridges. Buying ink refills can actually save you half of the price of the original replacement cartridge.
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Here is why you should go for ink refills than replacement cartridges.
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You will have no issued with ink refills if you have a ink jet printer. Inkjet printers use liquid ink. Ink refilling companies promise quality ink refills. Ink refilling allows one to recycle an empty cartridge which is helpful to mother nature. Being made out of non-biodegradable materials, an empty ink cartridge does not decompose easily and forms part of the waste. One ink cartridge refilled a few times will keep it out of the landfill.

However, refilling ink cartridges for laser printers is discouraged. Ink refilling companies conducts substandard refilling measures on ink cartridges for laser printers. Do not think of getting your laser ink cartridge refilled as it will damage your printing device.

What are the measures in doing an ink refill? Here are the things you need to refill an empty ink cartridge. Get a printer ink. Ink refill shops sell printer inks. You will also need a syringe. Consider to get a syringe with a smaller needle. You would obviously need your empty ink cartridge that you need to refill.

To being the process, locate the black spot which is usually found on the sticker covering the cartridge. The black spot serves as a marker where the hole through which the ink can be injected may be found. Get some ink in the syringe and inject it to the cartridge.

Do not draw ink into the syringe too quickly otherwise it would produce bubbles. Air gaps are formed in the cartridge when bubbles are present. The ink cartridge will get clogged if there are air gaps present.

Do not expect to have tidy hands and work area after taking on the ink refilling job. You will need tissue paper.