Help! My Coworker Has Food Allergies!

If you have never worked closely with someone with food allergies you probably will soon. There are over 15 million Americans that suffer from food allergies. Many suffer from more than one food allergy. Symptoms of food allergies can become so bad that a person can die. Here are some tips to help keep co-workers with food allergies safe.

Wash Your Hands More Frequently

Washing your hands more frequently at your workplace is a good idea anyway since it helps cut down on possible transmission of viruses like the flu. However, it is important to wash your hands after you eat if you work with a person with food allergies. Just touching your hands that touched foods they are allergic to can set off a reaction.

Update Personnel Files

Human resource managers or small business owners that have to be their own human resources managers need to ask their workers with food allergies what medicines they take and who to call should an attack happen. People with food allergies usually carry their medication on self-injection pen wherever they go, but accidents happen. It’s good to keep medication or a self-injector at the work site just in case. Replace medication or the self-injector when it expires.

Ask The Coworker For Dining Advice

Businesses often have power lunches, holiday parties or catering for big events. However, not all eateries and catering services can safely serve the needs of people with food allergies. Ask your coworker about what restaurants or foods they can and cannot eat. If you know in advance that your business needs to use a service or eatery that uses the foods your coworker is allergic to, warn the worker beforehand so he or she can be sure to bring safe food or snacks to work or to the work party.

Place Vegan Foods in Break Room

If your business has a kitchen or break room, make sure there are vegan foods like Hampton Creek Original Products. Eggs, milk and fish are three of the most common foods people are allergic to. You will also make your vegan or vegetarian workers happy. Just adding vegan versions of salad dressing or mayonnaise can help perk up any bland delivery, cafeteria or fast food.