How HDFC Mutual Fund is the top performer in the mutual funds Industry

The mutual funds industry has steadily begun to expand its financial footprint. By providing a variety of benefits ranging from professional management and portfolio diversification to personalized risk and rich dividends, the industry has gradually turned into a highly preferred investment destination. Thus, it comes as no surprise that a number of well-established organisations today are entering the mutual fund fray. One such business giant is the Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC). 

Operational since 1977, HDFC launched its first mutual fund product with the dawn of the new millennium. Since then, the range and extent of the company’s fund schemes have become all the more extensive. They are currently classified into eleven different kind of funds which cater to the customer’s short-term and long-term needs by investing in both, debts and equities. These wide array of mutual fund products have consistently featured as the top performers within their respective domains. In fact, most of HDFC mutual funds have garnered a rating of 3 and above from CRISIL. 

Although a number of credible reasons can be attributed for their continuously sturdy performance, the major ones include: 


The HDFC mutual fund offers a large variety of options for investors to choose from. They can select a fund which suits their specific financial objective and invest in it on the basis of their risk appetite and expected tenure. Moreover, the easy documentation procedure and low processing fee ensures that investors continue to pile in. This unhindered infusion of cash provides the fund with multiple opportunities to allocate assets in strong and sustainable holdings, thereby helping it perform better.


The mutual funds offered by HDFC are highly diversified. They hold stocks in small-cap, mid-cap, large-cap, and multi-cap categories which span a multitude of sectors like Fintech, banking, engineering, pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, construction and energy. Even if market forces are unkind to the value of one sector, the good performance of another sector compensates for the loss. Overall, this makes sure that the mutual funds remain secured against market uncertainties and continue reaping rich dividends.

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The level of professionalism, expertise, and competence which the fund manager brings to the table goes a long way in equipping a fund to perform better. The mutual fund schemes of HDFC are by and large managed by HDFC asset management company. The managers it employs have decades of industrial experience and a proven track record. This enables them to sense the probable impact of market movements on the mutual funds and therefore act in such a way that the investor’s interests stay protected. 


Each mutual fund is defined by its statistics. These primarily include its net asset value (NAV), exit load, and total expense ratio. Not only do these numbers affect the potential returns but they also reflect on the fund’s popularity. HDFC mutual fund performs quite well in this regard. Its exit load is minimal and its expense ratio is low. This translates to high dividends, irrespective of whether you are invested in short-term equities or long-term SIPs. As compared to its competitors, these statistics empower HDFC mutual funds to stay on top. 

The Way Forward

If you are willing to invest in HDFC mutual funds but are unsure about which particular fund would be able to meet your requirements, you can seek assistance from online platforms like OroWealth. With their time-tested strategies, they will help you align your goals with customised funds, thus giving you a decisive financial edge, and these are the reasons, why investing in HDFC mutual funds with OroWealth can be the best choice.

With top performers like HDFC mutual funds in your kitty, your investments would stay in safe, secure, and rewarding hands. After all, mutual funds are a great medium of monetary growth and high-performing stock baskets can prove to be productive instruments of perennial success. 

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