Learn Joke in the dagelan entertainment and joke slapstick website

Do you like to cheer people up? Have a hobby of writing? Wow, this is perfect if you channel your interests and talents into contributors of humor in the Dagelan – Asikin Ajah Lagi. Not bad, you can get extra pocket money!

But wait a minute! You should not just choose the idea to write articles on the BaBe humor channel, because besides the readers are few, your article might even be REJECTED by the BaBe team! It’s a shame I have made the article wholeheartedly, uh, instead it became useless and only a few people are interested in reading your article.

So that’s why follow the 5 tips from Jaka so that your humor articles are accepted and sold well in the dagelan.co!

5 Theme Choices that Prefers Readers in the Humor Category

1. Collection of Meme Latest Issues

Make a humorous article that discusses the latest issues that are HOT to talk about! For example, like weddings that are trending topics everywhere, now you can raise this idea into a humorous article! Oh yes, look for a humorous perspective that can be accepted by many people huh!

2. Memes of the Daily Life

Unlike the points above, the idea this time is to look for memes that raise issues around you and many are designed by almost everyone. Like, old date, the suffering of a boarding child, singles damn, etc.

3. EPIC FAIL events

The idea of ​​this EPIC FAIL article would make everyone laugh at the same time thankful that their days were not as bad as they thought, because there were so many strange and absurd events that befell those apes out there!

4. Strange Behavior of Foreigners

In addition to the diverse behavior of the world, the behavior of strangers is no less funny you know! Like for example who are already familiar, most Japanese people are sure to have a strange behavior with their quirky discoveries!

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