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What You Should Know About NCR CounterPoint POS Systems

In today’s world of retail markets, it has never been enough to create products, sell it and that’s it. You also need to differentiate yourself in a highly tough industry where you compete against big companies and larger chains. These large chains and bigger companies have been serving a demanding, price sensitive and internet savvy system to their clients. Let us be thankful that the NCR CounterPoint POS Systems makes it easy to build a rewarding business. They deliver a great retail management system to enhance the business for the retailers of different sizes. Therefore, it does not matter if your business is small, medium or big. The objective is to reduce the costs and increase the sales. The functionality of the POS System conducts the transactions in an effluent manner.

The NCR Counterpoint system covers mobile alerting, integrated e-commerce, e-mail marketing tool, customer loyalty programs, hardware, and built-in gift card designed intentionally for the retail environment. The best thing about The NCR Counterpoint is the fact that it is fully configurable. Therefore, retailers can sell online through the e-commerce solution. As you can see, the integrated email marketing system enables the retailers to use the customer data in order to generate email marketing campaigns. All the mobile alerts provide the ability to create alerts on all the important activities to the retailers in email or SMS format. POS terminals applied along with the work of NCR Counterpoint systems can be done to be manual entry, or touchscreen depending on need. The cover intersystem messaging and employee tracking to provide the best communication system within the operation. Because of this development, the users can now track all the sales and can pull all the daily reports with the ability to take instant readings of the specific amounts. NCR CounterPoint POS Systems requires either Windows OS and Microsoft SQL Server. It is offered as hosted system or on-premise and necessitates hardware from either third-party or NCR.

This product has a lot of functions. It has a good interface. It is not tough to change the screen in the touchscreen buttons. It also do not need much maintenance. The close out process works easily. According to the previous users, the software is just so easy to install.The number one advantage is that it integrates perfectly to the NCR Retail Online application.the product is a good solution. All the process of orders will be back down in the Counterpoint POS.

NCR Counterpoint includes inventory management software, robust point-of-sale, built-in customer loyalty, automated purchasing, and configurable reporting capabilities. Extend your business through integrated email marketing, mobile POS, and eCommerce options to provide the customers a perfect shopping. NCR Counterpoint is a flexible solution that could be applied to different sizes, operation layouts, and formats. NCR CounterPoint is a one-time retail management remedy delivering a Point of Sale check out, Reporting and Analytics, and Inventory Management, while adding features since you need these features without using a third-party application.

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