Property Business

A property projects associated directly and indirectly with hundreds of different professions. Inside was the formal sector and there is also a non-formal sector. The formal sector is represented by a government agency through official or his staff while the informal sector is represented by the workers and all those involved in the project.
a property project involving professionals like Notary, appraisal (assessor), architects, consultants, civil engineers, insurers, banks, surveyors, contractors, agents or real estate broker, graphic design, marketing consultants, property managers and others. For more information about bad credit you can visit this link

bisnis-propertiProperty Projects Involving Non Formal Sector
Besides a property project involving the non-formal as carpenters, foremen, security guard, repairman hygiene, material suppliers, event organizer, power traditional marketers, local residents, food vendors around the site, community organizations, and many more professions associated with an property projects.
Project Property Also Involving the Formal Sector
The formal sector is associated with a property project are government agencies such as the land office, agencies related to licensing and building. Being a developer could begin to be a seller of land plots one or two units, to further sell many parcels in an area. Then proceed to sell the plot at home

How to start a business property developers
The first step you should do is to find land that is eligible to be a project. Ratings are not far from the price, because the price of land acquisition is crucial to project success. If you can acquire the land is good, then you’re already halfway to the success of the project.

Purchase for cash
If you have the money to become a property developer then you step easier because you just buy land and then take care of licensing, for planning, physical build and market the project. All that you can do yourself, but you can also leave it to someone else. You do not need technical skills to succeed as a property developer. You are not required to be smart ngaduk cement, put bricks or digging and installing stone in the foundation. All that has no expert, you are only required to be able to manage the resources of others.

Phased payments
But if you do not have the money to buy land, you must not be discouraged because there are many strategies that you can practice to acquire land. Among them offer phased payments to the land owner.
With this payment patterns, the land is not paid in a single lump. Payment in front of just a money sign so or advance the amount appropriate your agreement with the land owners. As far as possible adjust to your ability to provide cash so you do not need down payment assistance from other parties. Thus you are not burdened to pay the debt so that you can focus on implementing projects.

Cooperation land
In addition to payments gradually, land acquisition strategy that you can practice is to offer the cooperation of land to the land owner. In principle, the same land with the cooperation of phased payments. Only in this field the cooperation of land owners are also entitled to a profit projects.
So the landowners get the price of land and the benefits of the projects. The price of land is paid in stages in accordance with the agreement. Generally, the pattern agreed payments are phased payments according to units sold.
While the benefits of the projects paid at the time the project is completed, so that the benefits of the projects have already been calculated and agreed upon. Profit sharing the project together with profit sharing project entitled developer