Tips for Caring for Your TV LED

LED TVs offer sharper and clearer images, but not much money needs to be spent. The amount of money that needs to be spent is indeed so much that many people do not dare to buy it because they think that why should they buy expensive electronic goods – expensive, only for a moment it is damaged. Renting LED TV in can be the right choice because is one of the companies that provide Semarang TV rental (sewa tv semarang) with good conditions and affordable prices.

Before buying, you need to know that there are 2 types of LEDs sold on the market:


LED LCD TVs are usually known as LED TVs. This type is most commonly found in the market and bought by the public, you can also try Semarang led tv rental (sewa led tv semarang) at You could say this type is not pure / 100% LED because this type of TV combines LCD screens and LED technology. So it’s only LED technology, not screen, you could say this type of TV only uses half the LED system.


Organic Light-Emitting Diodes or better known as OLEDs are the second types that actually use screen and LED technology as well. Unlike LCDs that use color filters or UV rays such as plasma TVs, OLED TVs create red, blue and green basic colors by sending electricity through a variety of different materials to create light. So this way, the TV becomes very thin and offers very clear and contrast images. Only, unfortunately, the size of this TV is not as large as LED LCD TVs and Plasma TVs.

Tips for LED TV Durable

A durable TV is a TV that can still be used for watching. The TV that is used continuously, over time will continue to fade. The dimming of the image provided by the TV can be due to the worn or old lights. The problem is LED LCD TVs use white lights that are not as durable as other color lights. Some OLED TVs use white lights, while others choose to use RGB colors because they are more durable.

Beyond choosing a TV with a more durable lamp color, there are a number of things you can do to make your LED TV last longer:

Turn off your TV LED when no one is watching

This is the most frequently suggested suggestion. But apparently, there are still many people who deliberately direct the TV even though no one is watching. They do it solely so that there is sound in the room. Activities like this only shorten the life of your TV. To make TV long, the first way is to turn off the TV when no one is watching. In addition to extending the life of your TV, your electricity bill will be cheaper.

Adjust Screen Color Brightness

If the TV is placed in the guest room, make sure your living room has lighting that is almost the same as the showroom. Because in this way, you don’t need to adjust the screen color brightness to the highest level. Remember, the age of a TV is usually 60,000 hours. The age of the TV decreases with continued use and the color brightness settings are at a high level. The higher the brightness of the screen, the faster the age of the TV decreases.

Each company has different screen brightness settings. Some offer easy choices: “movie”, “darkroom” or “home” that effectively helps keep your TV LED long-lasting. So after buying and installing a TV, you must immediately make this arrangement.

Make Adjustments For Contrast

Contrast is a regulator that makes the display bright or dark in color. The higher the contrast, the higher the power used so that the age of the TV decreases faster. Adjust the contrast of your TV to “Standard”. To watch with H.D quality, you can choose “Movie” (if there is if there isn’t enough just use “Standard”).

Use a Voltage / Stabilizer Regulator

Remember not only TV uses electricity but AC and refrigerator too. These electronic items will take power from each other when turned on together so that the electricity entering electronic equipment is not always the same amount. Over time, this will affect the TV. It’s good to use a Regular