Work better from home with office supplies

COVID-19 pandemic turned around our world, jobs included. Many offices decided to move to home offices and while computer (and work, obviously) are being provided by your employers, you won’t go to your office to obtain a pen or two.

How to solve the issue with home office supplies?

You have three ways of handling the issue. First of all, you can decide to go to your office after all and obtain all the needed goods. That can be the case if your employers allow you to take the goods home with you. However, some of the companies decided to award their employees with a specific budget in order to fill their office supplies needs. If that’s the case, we can move to solution no. two and three.

Another way of handling the low amount of office supplies is visiting a regular shop. It might be hard if your working hours match the open hours of the nearest shops plus, well, you have to spend your private time to visit it. While you can buy the needed goods by the way, when you buy something for your own use , it’s pretty rare for grown ups to actually visit office supplies stores frequently.

Thus, you can also buy the home office supplies online (i.e. on This is far the easiest way to handle the issue and also the fastest one. When starting your work from home, you might want to buy some specific goods and then replenish the supplies when needed.

What to buy?

Home office supplies online buying is an easy way to get all the needed materials. The search engine will come in handy when you’re new to the process. Just type what you need and all the requested supplies will be shown on your PC’s monitor.

You should remember about getting some:

  • pens,
  • pencils,
  • notebooks,
  • printer paper,
  • printer (if your work requires it and if your employers decided to pay for such office device),
  • extension cord (you might find it impossible to plug in all the devices in one place without this supply),
  • highliters,
  • paper clips,
  • puncher,
  • binders,
  • stapler,
  • scissors,
  • adhesive tape.

Those are the most basic supplies, which are important in everyday work for most offices. Keep in mind, that your job might require some more specific supplies, i.e. if you’re working with sensitive data or graphics.

Once the order is placed at, you just have to wait for the courier to show up. Remember, that some of the companies only deliver heavy boxes to the front door, which can be important when you live in a multi-family house – you might have to meed the courier downstairs.